We specialize in...

  • New wood installation
  • Sanding & finishing Work
  • Patching and repairing old floors
  • All related trim work
  • New and old stair work

For 25 Years, We Have Been Specializing in Every Aspect of Beautiful Hardwood Flooring.

If you are looking for a wood flooring contractor with skill and lots of experience, you have come to the right place!   Lee’s Floor Service has continued to improve over the last 25 years, working in hundreds of homes and installing, sanding & finishing over hundreds of thousands square feet of wood flooring. That's a lot of wood! 

Refinishing Existing Floors

The most popular jobs we do are refinishing existing floors which haven't been sanded for years. There are many different sanding and finishing situations - from very old floors with the thick softer finishes from many years ago, to newer floors which have been neglected - or maybe the customer wants to change the stain color to match a new look in their homes. One of our highlights is our technique for sanding and finishing. We always go through the proper sequence of sanding grits to achieve the correct results.

New Wood Floor Installations

Almost as popular are new wood floor installations. These projects sometimes involve tearing out the existing carpet and top layer of sub-floor. New installs also consist of buying and delivering the wood for you, installing it, and sanding and finishing the new floor.

Repair Work

Another service we specialize in which can be valuable to many customers is our repairing work. If you have an old floor with some pet stains, we can skillfully remove the bad boards and replace them with matching flooring to make the floor look good again. These repairs are always nailed and glued for long term stability. Another use for this service is filling in areas that may not have flooring, such as a wall that's been moved, a vent opening that is no longer needed or kitchen cabinet remodel.

Wood Stairs

We work on new and old wood stairs - refinishing the old stair steps to make them look good for many more years. For many people who have carpeted stairs which continually wear out, we offer new wood stairs, including removing the carpet and particle board steps and replacing with new, solid 1 1/16" thick wood. Again these are glued and nailed to prevent squeaks.